Hand Knitted Shawl


This is a hand knitted shawl, medium size, made out of 100% Merino Spanish Wool. The yarn has been sourced and milled in Spain. Mulesing free. Color: light blue.

All my items are carefully and plastic free wrapped. If you want it to be wrapped as a gift, please, let me know in the check out process and I will add a few little touches to the packaging 😉

13 cm (44 in) wingspan x 40 cm (16 in) deep at centre spine.


Hand-wash only. This is important. Gently soak the shawl in cold soapy water and let it sit for an hour. Gently rinse it and let it dry flat. You can remove the excess water and speed the drying process by gently pressing the shawl with a towel and then letting it dry flat on a clean dry towel.  *Hand knitted garments do not need to be washed regularly. once every season is more than enough unless is very dirty of course 😉

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